Iker Beristain: Truchas combo

K-Bomb Mandala print skirt

Mexico Huckfest at the Truchas section of the Alseseca, Iker Beristain and crew, ventured to stout heaven. English translation for Truchas is ‘Trout’. Located at the take-out to this stretch is a trout farm (fun fact).

After hiking in the jungle through thick vegetation and rappelling a 100 ft. cliff, you’re in paradise.  In the video Iker is wearing his K-Bomb sprayskirt as he runs the Truchas “combo”. Truchas is known for its beautiful 60 ft waterfall right into a deep pool, yet the upper rapid isn’t as popular as the drop itself. The combo consists of running both the upper rapid straight into the drop. The direct line is tricky and super stout!

Check out his video here:

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